What do you want to know

About us

We're a team that delivers.

Originally a print company with a wealth of experience in print on paper, we have now developed a very experienced team producing high quality websites that you can be proud of.

Our eye for good layout comes through with each new site we produce.

We can produce a template, then take you through the steps you need to insert your own wording and pictures or for some busy people, we can do it all for you.

It is up to you how much or how little you do to your site.

You can always be sure we are on the end of a phone to help with any queries or issues you may have.


Stuart Passey


Many years of experience in web development, IT and security.
Not good at keeping his desk tidy

John Venner


Started with Dreamweaver, progressed to Drupal and now converted to WordPress. Although always busy, will always make time for customers


Russell Britton

Account manager

Will handle most calls to do with print or internet and put you in touch with the person best able to help with your enquiry